Putman Groep

Our family business

The Putman Groep

Since 1923

Our business operations have revolved around raw materials for more than 100 years. Raw materials that form the basis for our built environment and our products. Raw materials that we have been recovering through recycling once they reach end of life for more than 30 years.
 In 1923, Wid. H. Putman started the first Putman company. In 1932, A.H. Putman started a company trading in and transporting aggregates and coal. Today, the fourth and fifth generations are at the helm of a proud family business.


From Westervoort in the Netherlands and Kalkar in Germany, we supply high-quality, sustainable primary and circular raw materials. We have everything we need in-house to extract and recover these raw materials, with a small footprint.

Putman Groep sinds 1923 kopie

With a team of around 70 professionals, we work to deliver the highest quality. After all, Quality as an underlying principle is what we stand for.