Demolition and infrastructure

Putman is able to undertake all your demolition work, remediation services and infrastructure projects, both large and small. The central focus of our organisation is ensuring that we undertake your projects safely, effectively and efficiently, from the point of view of contract awarding parties, customers and local residents. Based on our certified quality systems, we also guarantee that our staff will provide the perfect degree of safety and quality.

Demolition work and Remediation projects

On behalf of our clients, we will undertake entire demolition projects; from the application for a demolition permit right through to handover of land ready for new building, we supervise every aspect of the project. With Putman, you know exactly what to expect in terms of content, planning and price. Our SVMS-007 demolition certificate guarantees the process, thereby ensuring that you arrive at a safe and high-quality end result. Better than any other, we are also capable of undertaking traditional soil remediation projects.

Because Putman operates its own processing facilities, we are capable of sustainably separating and processing all resultant waste flows, based on the principle of (high quality) reuse.


Putman has all the necessary knowledge and expertise for carrying out integrated contract-based infrastructure projects, both large and small.

Putman operates a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment, and can call upon years of experience. As a consequence, Putman is capable of  carrying out every stage of your project work, on the basis of solid corporate responsibility (social return) and ensuring the best possible separation of any resultant (waste) flows with a view to carefully processing for return into the chain, at the highest possible level.

Demolition work and infrastructure projects:

Building demolition work.
Renovation demolition work.
Asbestos removal.
Soil remediation.
Combined demolition and infrastructure projects.

To guarantee the quality of our projects, we operate in accordance with the following certificates:

SVMS-007 Environmental Responsible Demolition
VCA**  Safe Working Practice for Contractors
The certificates are visible at ‘Downloads’.

General Terms and Conditions:

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