Demolition and Infrastructure

Putman is able to undertake all your demolition work, remediation services, soil/asbestos decontamination and infrastructure projects, both large and small.
The central focus of our organisation is ensuring that we undertake your projects safely, effectively and efficiently, from the point of view of contract awarding parties, customers and local residents. Based on our certified quality systems, we also guarantee that our staff will provide the perfect degree of safety and quality.

Demoliton work

Putman thinks of a building as a temporary application site for valuable materials. After the building has reached the end of its life cycle, we disassemble and reuse the materials to the highest possible degree. Building materials are brought back into the circular economy through horizontal recycling, but also through high-quality recycling intro primary raw material substitutes (such as concrete which is returned to concrete). By means of our demolition certificate SVMS-007, the dismantling and demolition process is communicated clearly and transparently to our customer form the beginning. Our strength is being able to think along with the customer form the design phase of a development site and creating optimal synergy between the demolition, construction and civil engineering phases for our customer.

Infrastructure work

With regard to infrastructure activities, Putman focuses on relieving its client as much as possible through its years of experience. Whether it concerns the construction and design of an industrial site, thinking along in the design of a building project from the development phase or relieving the customer of the burden of the necessary and released (waste) streams: Putman is familiar with all these fields.

Soil remediation

An often-occurring phase within a demolition or infrastructure project is the remediation of waste materials that cannot be directly returned to the circular economy. We advise our clients and relieve them of their soil and asbestos remediation obligations by taking a neutral view of the work in order to arrive at the best total solution. Asbestos decontamination is carried out before demolition work begins and often forms the start of a (demolition) project. With the BRL 7000 certificate that we have obtained, it is possible to carry out such activities for soil contamination under our own management.


Putman operates a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment, and can call upon years of experience. As a consequence, Putman is capable of  carrying out every stage of your project work, on the basis of solid corporate responsibility (social return) and ensuring the best possible separation of any resultant (waste) flows with a view as circular as possible for return into the chain.

Demolition work and infrastructure projects:

– Building demolition work.
– Renovation demolition work.
– Asbestos remediation
– Soil remediation
– Combined demolition and infrastructure projects.

To guarantee the quality of our projects, we operate in accordance with the following certificates:

SVMS-007   Environmental Responsible Demolition
BRL 7000    Execution of soil remediation
VCA**            Safe Working Practice for Contractors

The certificates are visible at ‘Downloads’.