Granulate Mixer

For the production of stabilisation products such as AGRAC, tamping concrete, setting mortar and stabilisation sand for use in the earthwork, road building and marine engineering sector, Putman operates an ultramodern granulate mixer. This device enables Putman to meet the customer’s precise specifications at any time, in precisely the quantity required.

The favourable location of our facility in respect of the motorway network and the ability to produce just in time means that we can supply tailor-made, high-quality stabilisation projects, entirely according to the customer’s specifications. Stabilisation products are primarily used as foundation material for heavy-duty road construction.

One innovative product manufactured in our installation is a series of road-building and stabilisation mortars that use our certified granulate as a key raw material. These granulates are themselves high-quality recycled products. We also use our granulates to produce concrete mortar for Putman Multiblocks. Putman Multiblocks are perfectly suited for a range of flexible, temporary and permanent applications, such as retaining walls and storage areas.

By making use of 100%-certified concrete granulate 0-4 and 4-32/4-22 mm, our products represent an environmentally-responsible and aware choice.

Stabilisation products

Tamping concrete
Stabilisation sand/Setting mortar
Asphalt Granulate Cement (AGRAC)

Putman is able to produce any mixture based on the dosing figures you submit.
All quality controls are fully built-in. Our products comply with the standard RAW requirements.
All our products are monitored daily at the Putman laboratory.

Putman Multiblock
Putman Multiblocks are ideally suited for a range of flexible, temporary and permanent applications such as retaining walls and storage areas.

These are available with or without (top block) projection studs in the sizes;
160*80*80 cm and 80*80*80 cm.

Because Putman operates its own extensive, modern vehicle fleet, we are also able to undertake the transport of our products. As a consequence, we will deliver our products worry-free, just in time and carriage-paid at your facility.

CO2 reductie
All production equipment is connected to the mains grid.
Modern and up-to-date equipment fleet.
Efficient on-site logistics.
Application of a specific cement type (CEMIII-42.5).
100% use of certified concrete granulate 0-4 and  4-32/4-22 mm.

When used for retaining walls, the major advantage of Putman Multiblocks over traditional retaining walls is the absence of reinforcing steel.

The quality of our processes is guaranteed on the basis of our ISO 9001 certification.
The environmental aspects are guaranteed on the basis of our ISO 14001 certification (see “Downloads”).

General Terms and Conditions
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All products are services are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Putman Groep b.v. and operating companies.