Loading and unloading facilities

Our extensive, fully-licenced locations have access to both medium and large shipping waters. The Westervoort location is adjacent to the IJssel and the Wissel location to the Rhine river. Thanks to a favourable location in respect of the trunk road and motorway networks, Putman is able to efficiently fulfil your “just-in-time” logistic requirements, with a minimum of transport movements.

Putman is capable of providing both vessel loading and unloading services. We can store or tranship all your material. Putman is able to provide transport to any destination you require, by road or water.

At our location in Westervoort, Putman operates fully-equipped loading and unloading facilities.

Thanks to our favourable location in respect of the trunk road and motorway networks, Putman is able to fulfil your just-in-time logistic requirements efficiently and with a minimum of transport movements.

Based on years of experience and an extensive network, Putman is able to provide full logistic services.

The possibilities include:

Ship unloading
Ship loading
Ship calibration
Ship transport
Road transport
Complete supervision of your complex logistic issues    

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