Primary materials: sand, gravel and clay

Kieswerk Wissel, part of the Putman organisation, is responsible for the extraction of sand, gravel and clay. In Wissel, close to Kalkar (Germany), the company operates advanced excavating equipment and a fully-automated distribution installation.

Thanks to a favourable location in respect of the motorway network and the Rhine river, we have ideal transport opportunities for loading or transporting the various products by ship or truck.

Production to customer specification
At Wissel, Putman produces a range of sand and gravel types, depending on the specifications outlined by the client.  The products are suitable for use in the asphalt and concrete industry. The clay is delivered to brick manufacturers and in dyke reinforcement projects.
Social responsibility for new land use in land and water-rich areas
On the basis of a broad-based evaluation of the natural environment, the land and water-rich areas following extraction receive a new use as natural biotopes, or are made suitable for recreational purposes.

List of products
The following products are available for delivery from our facility.
Product type DoP       
Rhine sand 0-1  
Rhine sand 0-2   
Rhine sand 0-4
Rhine sand 0-8
Gravel for concrete 0-16   
Gravel for concrete 0-31,5   

Rhine gravel 2-6
Rhine gravel 2-8 
Rhine gravel 4-8
Rhine gravel 4-16
Rhine gravel 4-32
Rhine gravel 8-16
Rhine gravel 16-32 
Oversized gravel 30-130     
Filling sand
Topsoil / Loam     

The above listed products are our standard types. Declaration of Performance (DoP) for our standardized products are visible at ‘Downloads’.
On request, ranges of different individual mix qualities are available.
The quality and environmental management system of Kieswerk Wissel GmbH are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

In the matter of sustainable entrepreneurship, Kieswerk Wissel GmbH has obtained the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) certificate. 

The production processes’ quality, combined with the produced output, are maintained by means of the beneath mentioned certificates (see ‘Downloads’):
• KOMO ® product certificate
• NL BSB product certificate
• Benor 0-1:  0001-10, 0001-13, 0001-12 en -14
• Benor 0-2
• Benor 0-4  
• Benor 2-8
• Benor 4-16
• Benor 4-32 
• Benor 8-16
• CE 2+
General Terms and Conditions:
All products and services are exclusively subjected to Kieswerk Wissel GmbH’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery