Putman Recycling b.v. focuses on recycling of various construction and demolition waste streams at its site in Westervoort (NL), in order to subsequently bring these back into the circular economy. Each waste flow get sits own destination.


Recycling of mineral materials

Putman has been processing various mineral materials for more than 30 years. Putman recycles concrete and brick debris originating from building- and demolition projects, old foundation materials that are released during road reconstruction and asphalt form road construction into high quality primary raw material substitutes. Putman is able to recycle waste into filler, sand and gravel substitutes in the concrete industry, thereby achieving a high circular return.

The state-of-the-art (mobile) crusher in Westervoort serves the regions Arnhem, Nijmegen, Ede, Apeldoorn, Doetinchem, North Brabant and North Limburg (NL).

The following products are produced/manufactured for the GWW/ civil engineering, concrete and asphalt industry, among others:

  • (Hydraulic) recycled mixing aggregate 0-16 and 0-31,5
  • Asphalt aggregate 0-16 and 0-31,5
  • Recycled concrete aggregate 0-4 and washed 4-16

Our approach guarantees optimum quality. Acceptance, processing and delivery of the various products are under constant control in terms of safety, working conditions, environmental requirements and quality assurance.

Putman has a large storage capacity for unbroken rubble and crushed products in various grain sizes. Therefore, Putman delivers from stock and transports the products efficiently with its own transport by road or by ship through its own loading and unloading facility.

Thanks to the knowledge gained in the market for granulates in the GWW/ civil engineering, concrete and asphalt industry, Putman can provide you with the required knowledge in the area of applicability, product quality, circularity and EQI/MKI values.

Recycling of construction and demolition waste

At Putman, the collection and processing of construction and demolition waste is in safe hands. The entire process starts with analysis, consultancy and waste separation, and extends via responsible transport, the disentanglement of waste flows, dismantling and sorting through to sustainable processing to produce new raw materials, or provide material reuse with a view to maintaining a sustainable living environment.

With its state-of-the-art sorting installation, Putman is able to sort unsorted flows to the maximum and retun them tot the circular economy. Approximately 99% of the incoming wase that is processed in this installation can be reused. Unsorted flows that are treated at Westervoort are:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Industrial waste/non-sortable construction and demolition waste
  • Bulky household waste

Putman also serves the local economy by providing acceptance facilities of:

  • Roof leather waste
  • Tires and other rubber materials 
  • Glass
  • Gypsum/gas concrete
  • Garden Waste

Waste wood recycling

With its decades of knowledge in the acceptance of timber waste flows, Putman is an important regional player in the waste timber market. Putman recycles the following timber flow intro semi-finished products in the chipboard industry or secondary fuels in biomass power station:

  • Clean Waste Wood
  • Non-impregnated waste wood
  • Impregnated waste wood

Soil acceptance

Putman accepts soil and treats it in accordance with BRL 9335-1. After the lots of soil have been fully tested, they are returned to the local economy in the form of soil class in diverse categories.

Facilities and services
The following waste streams and products are available for delivery or can be collected through own transportation, transport services from Putman Recycling & Waste Collection  or by our own loading and unloading facilities located at Westervoort.


Breakstone-based materials       
Clean concrete breakstone material (including reinforcing steel)     
Clean mixed breakstone material     
Mixed breakstone material 15%     
Sand-lime bricks >1.400kg/m3     
Rubble/Sand mixture     
Asphalt rubble     
Clean asphalt     
Asphalt mixtures     
Tar-bearing ashalt plates (Thermally cleaning)     
Tar-bearing milled asphalt (Thermally cleaning)     
Other hardening materials  
Ground granulated slag: < envb.     
Ground granulated slag: > envb.     
Gravel ballast: < envb.     
Gravel ballast: > envb.     
Old road constructing materials: < envb.     
Old road constructing materials: > envb.     
Other (small volumes)   
Clean sand / soil     
Crushing costs (above-listed materials)
Crushing costs apply for all rubble-based materials (including asphalt rubble) and are charged over and above the acceptance price whenever a load consists of multiple sections/blocks of materials with dimensions > 0.7 m. x 0.7 m. x 0.2 m.

Foundation products DoP                                   
Filling sand
Sand 0-1
Crushing sand 0-3
Recycled mixed aggregate 0-31,5
Recycled mixed aggregate 0-16 
Recycled mixed aggregate 4-31,5
Recycled concrete aggregate 0-31,5
Recycled concrete aggregate 0-4
Asphalt aggregate 0-31,5
Asphalt aggregate 0-22
Alternative gravel (washed) products  
Recycled concrete aggregate 4-32
Recycled concrete aggregate 4-22
Recycled concrete aggregate 4-16
Stabilised products     
Hydraulic mixed aggregate 0-45     
AGRAC, type A1
Tamping concrete (FTM) 150, 200, 250kg/m3 CEM III-42,5        
Stabilisation sand 150, 200, 250 kg/m3 CEM III-42,5       

Declaration of Performance (DoP) for our standardized products are visible at ‘Downloads’.


The quality and environmental management system are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The production processes’ quality, combined with the produced output, are maintained by means of the beneath mentioned certificates (‘Downloads’):

• BRL 2506 BG-052-18
• BRL 2506 BG-235-7           
• BRL 2506 BG-324-3
• BRL 2506 BG-280-7      
• BRL 9335 (soil bank activities)