Putman Groep

Circular demolition

Circular demolition, a vital link in the circular economy

Preserving valuable raw materials

At Putman, we see a construction as a temporary application of valuable raw materials. At the end of its life cycle, we dismantle the parts and recycle the materials for circular use. Among other things, we provide building demolition and renovation services.

Synergy and quality

We support our customers from the design phase to create optimum synergy between the demolition, construction and civil engineering phases. In doing so, we focus fully on quality and safety.

Preservation of building materials

Circular demolition is the way to preserve valuable building raw materials from an end-of-life structure for a new use instead of dumping or incinerating them as waste. These include concrete, wood, metal and glass. By reusing these raw materials, we prevent the depletion of natural resources. Moreover, it saves energy and CO₂ emissions.

Soil and asbestos decontamination

Not all waste materials can be directly returned to the circular economy. We advise and support our customers, helping them find a total solution.