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Circular raw materials

Recovery of high-quality raw materials

Raw materials for a sustainable, circular economy

We sort, crush and recycle construction rubble and demolition waste. We can recycle most of the construction materials collected. These become high-quality circular raw materials that can replace primary raw materials. We have the process, knowledge and quality control in-house to deliver circular raw materials by truck and ship mainly across the south and east of the Netherlands.

The end-of-life building materials we recycle

Putman can help you recycle materials including concrete rubble and mixed rubble. We also recycle asphalt and other end-of-life building materials such as old foundations and ballast material.

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Circular raw materials for concrete mortar plants and concrete factories

Circular raw materials
for concrete mortar plants and concrete factories

We have three decades of experience in recycling stone waste streams such as concrete and masonry rubble, old foundation materials and asphalt from road construction. The recyclates with low MKI values (ECI) are used as high-quality, circular sand and gravel substitutes.

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  • Washed granulates

Circular raw materials
for infrastructure building companies and asphalt industry

We have a large storage capacity for unbroken rubble and crushed products in various grades of grain size. With our knowledge in marketing aggregates to infrastructure building companies and the asphalt industry, we can advise you on applications, product quality, circularity and ECI values.

See our types
  • (Mixtures of) granulates for road construction
  • Mixed granulates for sports fields
  • Drainage material
  • Washed foundation layers

Circular road construction concrete products

Using our own recycled circular building material aggregates, our aggregate mixer produces products for high-quality road construction concrete, stabilised foundation concrete and Multiblocks. Our products meet the sustainability requirements of municipalities and provinces.

See our types
  • Standing mortar
  • Foundation concrete
  • Roadway concrete (including cycle path concrete) and concrete mortar (foundation and small floors)
  • Multiblocks

Quality as an underlying principle

The Putman Groep

We are continuously optimising our products and services. We are continuously optimising our products and services. This gives us a control over improving environmental performance, delivering social value and focusing on quality.