Putman Groep

Logistics, storage and transhipment

Loading and unloading wharf

Our locations in Westervoort, Netherlands and Wissel, Germany are located directly on major rivers: the IJssel and the Rhine. In Wissel, aggregates are loaded directly into barges from the loading quay. Westervoort has an excellently equipped loading and unloading quay for storing and shipping raw materials, waste and materials. Thanks to our location on the water, we can arrange your just-in-time logistics by inland shipping with minimum transport movements, while reducing CO₂ emissions per kilometre of transport.

Storage and stock management of materials and raw materials

Ship unloading and loading are part of our services. At our very spacious site in Westervoort, we can store, manage and tranship all materials, raw materials and various waste products for you. Don’t have your own transport? We can arrange transport by truck or by ship for you.

Our logistics support

Centrally located with a loading and unloading facility

at Westervoort (IJssel) and loading facility at Wissel

Storage and transhipment

Westervoort (IJssel)

Assistance with

logistics issues


by inland waterway


by truck