Putman Groep

Primary (building) materials

Primary raw materials for sustainable construction

Own primary aggregates and clay extraction

We extract, refine and supply primary sand and gravel in any specification with a small environmental footprint and low Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) value. In this way, we serve construction customers in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sustainable extraction

Our aggregate extraction is done entirely electrically. We have an electric sand dredger and grader, and ship loading is also electrified. Efficient storage ensures energy savings.

Primary building materials for concrete and infrastructure building companies

Industrial sand and gravel
for concrete plants and factories

Our sand and gravel extraction company Kieswerk Wissel in Germany supplies high-quality industrial sand and gravel to concrete producers, among others. Using its own loading quay on the river Rhine, the raw materials are loaded into barges for transport and just-in-time delivery.

See our types
  • Industrial sand 0-250
  • Industrial sand 0-1 (fine/coarse)
  • Industrial sand 0-2 (fine/coarse)
  • Industrial sand 0-4 (fine/coarse)
  • Gravel
Primaire grondstoffen en circulaire grondstoffen Putman Groep

Aggregates and clay
for infrastructure building companies and brickworks

Sand, gravel and clay can be transported to contractors by ship or by axle. Direct, just-in-time delivery from Kieswerk Wissel in Germany, or from our storage and transhipment site in Westervoort, Netherlands.

See our types
  • Filling sand
  • Rhine sand (various types)
  • Rhine gravel (various types)
  • Clay

Quality as an underlying principle

The Putman Groep

We are continuously optimising our products and services. We are continuously optimising our products and services. This gives us a control over improving environmental performance, delivering social value and focusing on quality.

Ecologically responsible raw material extraction

Low ECI value thanks to:

Electric, emission-free

sand and gravel extraction and ship loading

Bulk transport

by inland shipping

Storage and efficient,

just-in-time delivery